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Roxter Lighting


         Roxter began in 1947 as a job shop metal products manufacturing company. Roxter entered the lighting Industry in 1965 , making proprietary lamps for our customers.since 1993, as part of Matov Industries ,Inc., Roxter Lighting has continued to manufacture a large line of standard commercial and residential fixtures as well as high quality specialty fixtures, made to the specifications of iso 9000 companies.


         We  manufactures metal stampings and specialty lighting fixtures. 

We have a complete machine shop were we build our own tools and dies.

In are stamping dept., we do all types of blanking,shearing,forming and drawing of metal parts for many different Industries. we also do secondary operations such as drilling, taping, machining and welding.Our main finished products consist of specialty residential,commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. These fixtures are produced in are very own assembly dept. where we do complete mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as testing and packing.


      Custom Lighting:

we are happy to create almost any design from scratch. Show us a drawing or let us know what you want and we will work with you to create your custom design.



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